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    Just thought I would write a quick post, two friends of mine bought into "Traffic Monsoon" a website in which you buy adpacks for example you pay $50, and at the end of 55 days or so you recieve back $55 or something along those lines gauranteed, the more you put in the more you recieve back, they claim that you are buying "ads" and you only have to click on 10 ads per day, to recieve even more money.

    My friends aunty in australia was running seminars, the more people you sign up and the more they put in the more money you make (pyramid) she turned 10k into 80k in a few months, my friend signed up last november and put in 7.5k and my other friend 2k. My friends 7.5k turned into 15k in 2 months then the site crashed obviously as it was a ponzi, i tried to warn both of them but they wouldn't listen.

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    is a great website a lady called Tara helps identify these scams, when my friend told me about it all I read the forums and gave me all the info i needed to see scam. It's run by a guy called Charles Schoville who lives in the US and has run many of these and robbed millions from everyday people.

    Luckily in Australia both of my friends could do a chargeback and the bank gave their money back all of it (minus the profit ofcourse) within a week. So if you or anyone got scammed, try that. Hope this helps anyone in the future.
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