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    The Hall of Shame!
    You're Not Welcome Here.

    This section is a direct result of any user found to be a confirmed scammer in the scam reports section. When users are added to the Hall of Pricks we will state their profile ID, username, and other relevant information here. You will also find a link to the scam report thread in question.

    Our goal here is to publicly humiliate any user found to be scamming on our forums. By banning them and having their information here, members will know not to deal with their profiles. This includes other forms of off-site contact they may be using. Things like their Email and Skype username.

    Online Samurai's staff and administrators are not liable for your losses. Your business decisions and transactions are your responsibility. While Online Samurai's is not responsible for these members, our goal is to attempt to prevent, and rectify these issues if they occur.
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