Skeleton Threads Won't Be Approved.

Discussion in 'Marketplace Rules' started by Franklin, May 17, 2016.

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    I have let this slide a few times but can't do that anymore sorry.
    If you plan to start a sales thread please put in the effort to explain what you are selling and provide samples where possible.
    A thread with a few lines and a link to an email or sales page somewhere else won't be accepted anymore.

    Prime examples of Good acceptable threads√√-hatreds-pbn-posts-proven-ranking-quality-10-posts-√√.306/►-►-►high-pr-tumblrs-over-blog-✔-pr1-pr4-✔-only-1-✔-cheapest-prices-✔-pa-27.233/

    I understand not everyone will have this much information on their products or thread designs etc but just do your best to go into some sort of detail on what you are selling. It's a win-win for you, you get accepted plus you get more sales if you actually put in a little more effort :)
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