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Discussion in 'Etiquette and Rules' started by Franklin, Oct 12, 2015.

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    Most forums have signatures and this one if no different but we would like to put a couple rules in place.

    We would like to keep that signature space clear of all banners or images. From experience, we know that banners can make the forum look tacky. So here are a few things to follow.

    • Text Only
    • No banner/images
    • 3 lines of text max
    • Referral links are welcome... to an extent. (referral not affiliate, there is a difference)
    We will be allowing Images soon just working on some things.

    We want to keep this forum clean so please keep to these rules. You can put referral links in your signature, please keep it clean though. No scams, WSO, CPA offers.

    An example of a referral link that's welcome would be a link from CPAGip where someone signs up under you.
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