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    Hey, so this is a area where you can sell Websites or Stores but we have a few rules.
    All post are subject to approvals and must comply with the rules below.

    • You must be the owner or broker of the website/store.
    • You must have proof of income and traffic.
    • You must list it on an auction site like and link the auction in your sales thread.
    • All transactions MUST be made on the auction site you have chosen to list on.

    Since the world of online real estate can be a pile of junk sometimes you as a buyer need to be aware and ONLY purchase a site through a verified website like Any purchases done via Online Samurais is not the responsibility of the admins and we will not help you if you get scammed.

    NEVER purchase a website off a forum or via private messages, this is why Auction sites were created. Once again Online Samurais would not be help liable if you decide to purchase a website online without doing the proper research.

    The admins of Online Samurais also have the right to refuse any request for help. We are not professional website brokers and can't help you in your research. It's up to you as a seller or buyer to do your own research when selling anything on Online Samurais.

    Anyone caught braking the rules will be warned or get an instant ban. Anyone caught for outright scamming and we have proof will get an instant ban with no warning. We don't give second chances to scammers... Ever.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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