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Discussion in 'Etiquette and Rules' started by Franklin, Aug 28, 2017.

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    So if you don't know what lead scouting is then don't worry this doesn't apply to you.... Lead scouting is when you try to collect leads in this forum. We don't allow this because we have no control over what you do with those leads and we don't want people to get scammed then second that's just low quality business and you should know better than that.

    If you want to collect leads go and do it like real business owners and use things like paid traffic, blogs or whatever but don't be low and try it in here because you are just wasting time when you could be doing it properly with paid traffic. If caught you will be warned and if caught again you will get an instant lifetime ban.

    I have a paid team that specialises in finding scouts and I have been using them in my Facebook group for the last year with great success. So, seriously don't even bother.

    This also includes asking people to PM you in your signature as we don't want people to get scammed.

    To put it in simple terms we are not a lead generation forum for your "make a million dollars in the next hour" course.

    Regards :)
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