Best practice please for gmail address linked to analytics accounts and Google +

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    I have collected several gmail accounts over the years and ended up in mess.
    I am working on launching my own blog. The problem I have is:

    • My GA are on one gmail account
    • My Google + profile for the blog is on another account
    • I have two other Gmail accounts floating around
    • Each Gmail account obviously creates a Youtube Channel, Google + and more...

    Is the best practice to shut all these different accounts and start from fresh with one email address controlling GA, and G+ page?
    If so should that email be my personal email address or the address of the blog I intent to open?

    Am I correct that you can only link a Google+ business page to your website and not your main Google+ account?

    What is the best practice here?

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    Hi Just my two cent..
    1. Personal email account for family and friends
    2. Signup_xyz@gmail for signing up for everything
    3. Business email account.

    I have 3 email addresses to manage all facets of life :)

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